I work with organisations who want to actively and meaningfully tackle systemic oppressions to create an equitable and inclusive internally and in their work externally. I apply an intersectional anti-oppressive lens to support leaders in their efforts towards equity, diversity and inclusion through collaboratively co-creating solutions that address the symptoms and root causes of systemic oppression.

Unlearning dominant systems that we are all conditioned into can bring up discomfort and conflict. I believe that this is central to the process of change and that conflict is a place from which new possibilities can emerge. I hold space for this and encourage bringing honesty, openness and curiosity to the process of self exploration and unlearning that needs to take place in order to bring about real systemic change. 

I centre minoritised and marginalised people within organisations and support co-creation to ensure that any change the organisation makes internally or externally is equitable and doesn’t further perpetuate harm. I acknowledge that systems change is a long-term process and that mistakes might be made along the way. I support organisations through this process by helping facilitate difficult conversations envisioning change using an anti-oppressive and intersectional lens, ensuring that nuances of experience are understood rather than tokenised.

I often work with other expert trainers, facilitators and consultants with lived experience of different marginalisations to offer organisations a more holistic approach to equity, diversity, inclusion and anti-oppression.