Bespoke EDI training and workshops

I work with organisations to design bespoke training and workshops that cover a range of topics including, but not limited to:

  • Equity, diversity, inclusion

  • Microaggressions

  • Power and privilege

  • Intersectionality

  • Anti-racism

  • Anti-oppression

  • Marginalisations such as sexism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, ableism, disablism, classism, immigration and racism

Off-the shelf workshops

'The Master's Tools - Dismantling Racism'

A workshop aimed at people who want to go beyond just not being racist into being actively anti-racist. In the workshop, I touch on four main areas - race, racism, privilege and allyship. I gently but firmly challenge assumptions, question conditioning and provide a space to have honest conversations. The workshop also gives people the space in which to explore their relationship to the topics covered and consider practical steps in tackling racism on an everyday basis, as well how to act in allyship to people of colour.

'Raising children to be anti-racist'

A workshop for parents/ carers who are committed to being anti-racist and want to actively raise their children to be anti-racist but don't know where to start. This workshop provides the tools to create real and tangible change in their parenting which has the power to have a ripple effect in the world. I support parents to identify why things need to change, where to start, what needs to be addressed or healed, how to have the uncomfortable conversations and make active choices in parenting that has a positive impact in the world.


Organisational culture and policy reviews

Organisational culture often replicates social conditions of inequity, intentionally or unintentionally. I work with organisations to go beyond the symptoms present within the culture of organisations to uncover and address the root causes they have arisen from. Using the principles of transformative justice, I support organisations towards real, meaningful and practical change to support the co-creation of a culture embedded in social justice.

Inclusive and representative recruitment

Recruitment processes are very telling about organisational culture. The general design of these processes can be marginalising, causing more barriers even when offering opportunities. I support organisations to review and develop their recruitment practices so that they are inclusive and representative of the communities they serve and supportive.


I take on speaking engagements at conferences and events and for podcasts, covering anti-oppression, anti-racism, fundraising ethics, imposter syndrome, organisational culture and much more.


I have over a decade’s experience in fundraising. My speciality lies in trusts and foundations, community fundraising and strategic partnerships. I offer the following fundraising support:

Setting up for success

I support small not-for-profit organisations to build a foundation for fundraising work including building a strong proposal, providing feedback on applications, supporting with full cost recovery budgeting, brokering relationships where possible and providing advice on fundraising ethically and effectively.

Bid and copywriting

I am a skilled and experienced copywriter and support not-for-profit organisations to create strong fundraising applications and bids.